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Attach self attested copy of registration certificate, Incorporation and constitution document. Incase of startup self attested copy of certificate of registration with DPIIT or eligibility as per DPIIT definition below.

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Details of registration with appropriate authorities for service tax, PAN and Audited annual accounts for last three years or the last years available, whichever is higher

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Attach a brief proposal detailing the nature of association proposed; model of operation; broad financial terms proposed; support expected from CoE in IIoT Sensors; duration of association; terms and conditions proposedetc.

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Details of projects undertaken in domains of Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent systems, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), electronics materials, sensor technologies, electronics manufacturing or similar areas. The details should give a year wise break up of number of projects done, impact achieved, budget utilized and number of students/teachers/beneficiaries targeted along with brief details of the various projects.

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Details of previous partnerships. The details should include: Name of partner, Contact details, Nature of partnership, technical/ service/ financial contributions if any by you, Project Outcomes, any other relevant information.

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Documented Success Stories

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3rdParty Evaluations/Reports/Research Paper Published

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Extent and nature of International presence, if any

Details of offices within India, if any

Any other credentials in the subject area

Acceptance to the terms and conditions of EOI

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